Some RULES for COVID-19 – Your Safety Comes First !

The current Government advice for England is . . .
Wash Hands – Cover Face – Make Space

COVID-19 is a deadly disease and the risk from it needs to be managed within a Driving Lesson. The Corona Virus has to be taken seriously. Our primary concerns are the safety of The Pupil, The Instructor and the Examiner

What Precautions can we take before and during each lesson?

      1. Wash Your Hands for 20 seconds before leaving the house
      2. Prepay for lessons by Bank Transfer the day before each lesson rather than hand over cash in the car
      3.  If you, or the people your live with (or are bubbling up with) are showing or have shown symptoms of the Virus within the last 14 days then tell your Instructor IMMEDIATELY. The lesson will not go ahead.
      4. All shared contact surfaces within and outside the Tuition Vehicle will be cleaned before and after each lesson
      5. Use the hand sanitiser offered to you by the Instructor in the car OR bring your own
      6. Bring your own face covering and wear it throughout the lesson. Face coverings are compulsory on the Practical Driving Test
      7. Bring a spare face covering on the day of the test. I keep a small stock in the car but do not rely upon this on the day of the test.
      8. Wear disposable gloves if your chose to do so. I do not carry a stock of these
      9. Wrap up warm. The windows will be slightly open on lessons to assist airflow through the car. Air conditioning will no-longer be used.
      10. If you cough, do it into your sleeve or onto your arm
      11. If you wear glasses and they begin to mist up it will be okay to stop somewhere safe and wait for them to clear. The same applies on the Practical Test. It might be wise to warn your Instructor/Examiner before you pull over !

Follow these rules and we can stay safe! website tells you more about COVID-19