Terms & Conditions

    1. You must have read, agreed to and signed these Terms and Conditions before the commencement of the first lesson
    2. You will treat your instructor with respect and pay attention to any instructions given. This is in the interest of safety and legality for the benefit of the vehicle’s occupants and other road users.
    3. Your Instructor is self-employed. As a consequence lesson cancellations or non-attendance of lessons might mean he is not paid.
    4. Please give 48 hours’ notice if you choose to cancel a lesson. You will be charged if you do not do this
    5. The day of the test will be charged as a two hour lesson. The test fee paid for the Practical Test does not cover the actual lesson
    6. I have the right to refuse my car being taken on test if I judge you are not ready for test
    7. The ‘two for one’ offer does not apply to the actual Practical test day
    8. It is your responsibility to present a current licence to me when we first meet
    9. In the event of a mechanical breakdown to the tuition vehicle the Instructor reserves the right to reschedule the lesson at short notice. You may also have to take lessons and possibly your Practical Test in a different car to one you have learnt in.
    10. Payment by bank transfer must be made 24 hours before the lesson commences.
    11. At times for the purpose of safety to the vehicle, its occupants and other road users and to avoid damage to road features the Instructor may need to use a dual control.
    12. Practical Driving test dates must be agreed with the Instructor before they are booked. This will avoid clashes with other test bookings and maximise your chances of passing the test. NOTE: Understand that the SAFEST way to book a Theory or Practical Test is in person using the DVSA website.  Using Apps and Cancellation Booking sites risks the Examiner refusing to take you on test. Be aware your personal details might be stolen. 
    13. The Instructor may refuse tuition or stop a lesson if he has reason to believe the pupil is suffering from the effects of alcohol, drugs or lack of sleep.
    14. The instructor will accept no liability for reckless driving during a test or when undertaking private practice or after passing the Practical test.
    15. Agree to bring along, to each lesson, documentation given to you on the first lesson. Together we can then keep accurate records of your progress and book forthcoming lessons.
    16. Occasionally another pupil will receive notification of a revised Practical Driving Test date. In the unlikely event this test date coincides with a driving lesson you have booked with me, I will ask you to reschedule your lesson in order to accommodate that pupil’s test date. Please understand, this is something that may benefit YOU when you come to book YOUR DrivingTest.
    17. Read the parts of the Highway Code the Instructor may occasionally recommend you to read. This is for your benefit and will reinforce learning and better prepare you for forthcoming lessons.
    18. Book your theory test within a time scale agreed with your instructor.
    19. The Instructor will avoid physical contact except for reasons of legality and safety.
    20. Your instructor will inform you in good time of any lesson price changes.
    21. Agree to the terms of the referral scheme. The ‘recommend a friend’ offer rewards you once the new pupil has undertaken five hours of tuition.
    22. For Insurance purposes no passengers are allowed in the car except DVSA officials e.g. Driving test Examiners.
    23. Mobile phones or other hand held devices cannot be used unless the vehicle is parked up and the engine switched off. Except in an emergency a phone call does not need to be answered.
    24. Dress code. Please turn up in suitable attire. Flip flops and open toed shoes are not acceptable for safety reasons. Pyjamas are also not acceptable.
    25. Your Instructor will inform you of any changes to the terms and conditions.

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