David was an excellent instructor who saw teaching me not just as a job but a puzzle, taking care to understand each of the areas where I was at fault and ensure that I understand both how to correct them and why it’s beneficial to my method of driving. He’s not the only instructor I’ve had, so I know from experience that he is particularly good at what he does and would recommend him to anyone interested in learning how to drive.


I can not recommend Dave enough. I had some driving experience in the UK and my original overseas licence, which can not be replaced with a U.K. one, was expiring. Dave stepped in a week before my test date and we went over all those small but important details which would bring test success. He sacrificed his weekend to bring me up to date and made the impossible possible. Very professional attitude with a sharp eye for detail. I would not be able to pass without you Dave.


I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Dave for helping me pass my driving test!

I first started learning to drive 8 years ago with a different instructor and failed my test 3 times, which really knocked my confidence. I took up lessons again earlier this year and passed first time with Dave. I believe I passed due to Dave’s patience and great way of teaching. He thoroughly explained situations and had the patience to let me keep practising on an area until I felt confident (even if it did mean going around the same round about 10 times)!

Dave is also a really lovely guy and will go out of his way and work around you for lessons. I really enjoyed the whole experience of learning with Dave and I will miss our lessons. I’m over the moon that I have now passed. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend 🙂


I had driving lessons with Dave for several weeks. During this time he has filled me with both confidence and lifetime skills. I have never been taught these anywhere else before. My driving has excelled under his concise supervision.

Dave is very calm and has a friendly nature. He gets his point across in a nice way and irons out any mistakes that I may make. To begin with he spotted my learning type (visual learner). What helped was he provided me with clear graphical and practical methodologies throughout. Dave was so instructive and clear on what I had to do.

I passed my driving test with great confidence the first time.

I would definitely recommend Dave to the public and friends.

Since I started driving again, it’s been fantastic. So thank you once again Dave