Motorway Driving Skills

Motorway lessons are available to post-test drivers, drivers who feel they lack confidence on Motorways and from 4th June 2018 Learner drivers (supervised by an ADI in a dual controlled car).

If you need to drive any real distance and get there quickly Motorway driving is an essential skill. Motorways are the safest roads to drive on.

To remain safe there are a new set of skills to master.

Those that need most practice are JOINING and LEAVING. Then once on, OVERTAKING and LANE CHANGING.

We will also look at: speed, road layout, SMART motorway, signage, planning the journey, following signs and Sat Nav, large roundabouts and negotiating unusual junction layouts. We will discuss dealing with adverse weather conditions, preparing the car for the journey, breakdowns and tiredness. If time and traffic conditions permit Cruise Control will be used.

A precursor to this lesson is reaching an acceptable standard in dual carriageway driving.

A two hour lesson is usually sufficient for a post-test candidate. Due to the extra fuel used on this lesson it is priced higher than most lessons.